UNIVERSITY CENTER — Dow High’s work paid off with a dominating performance Saturday at the Saginaw Valley League swimming and diving championships at Saginaw Valley State University, to cap an undefeated season heading into the state finals.

Dow scored 1,174.5 points to win the 10-team meet for the 12th consecutive year, well ahead of second-place Saginaw Heritage with 646. Bay City Western (554) was third, followed by Midland High (527), the host school.

Dow sophomore Claire Newman was named Swimmer of the Meet after earning meet-record and school-record wins in the 50-yard freestyle (23.89 seconds) and 100 freestyle (51.44). Newman also swam a leg on the winning 400 freestyle relay (3:37.55) and on the second-place 200 freestyle relay (1:40.52).

Newman will swim in the 50 and 100 freestyle races at the Division 2 state finals in two weeks in Holland.

“She was outstanding,” Dow coach Chilly Smith said. “She’s a great competitor and gets up for the big meets. She’s a team player.”

Smith noted that 80 percent of Dow’s swimmers achieved personal best times on Saturday.

”It’s great as a coach to see their hard work pay off,” said Smith, who was named SVL Coach of the Year. “They earned it. I was really, really happy with the way they performed. And I was extremely happy for them.

“We won Tri-Cities and won the SVL and were 11-0 in dual meets and won the Traverse City Invitational. There aren’t too many years where you can say you went undefeated. This is, if not the best, one of the best teams — and I mean teams. We are very strong when it comes to depth.”

Chelsea Fenton qualified for the state finals in the 200 individual medley with a second-place finish to teammate Sasha Konovalenko. Fenton’s 2:16.00 time was one second better than the qualifying time needed.

“We were shooting for it since the Tri-Cities meet about five weeks ago,” Smith said. “She got really close by like six- or seven-tenths of a second. We knew she’d have a chance at it, and she got it.”

Fenton had already qualified for the state meet in the 500 freestyle, and she won that event Saturday in 5:18.00.

Konovalenko’s winning time in the 200 IM was 2:12.85. She had previously qualified in both the 200 IM and 100 backstroke. She was second in the 100 backstroke Saturday in 1:01.16 and was part of the winning 400 freestyle relay team with Newman, Sarah Saead and Emily Schultheis.

Konovalenko and Fenton teamed with Katie White and Shelbee Simanskey to set the tone for the meet with a win in the opening 200 medley relay in 1:53.89.

“It started with our medley relay,” Smith said. “They dropped almost three full seconds and hung on against Flint Powers. Having that be our first race, it’s always really good to swim fast, and that usually sets the tone for the swim meet.”

Saead is a state qualifier in the both the 50 and 100 freestyle. On Saturday, she was fourth in the 50 (25.07) and fifth in the 100 (55.41).

Abby Huffman was second to Fenton in the 500 freestyle in 5:20.67. Huffman had already qualified for the state finals in the event.

Dow also previously qualified for state in the 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle relay and 400 freestyle relay.

“They’re a close-knit team,” Smith said. “and we have learned in the sport of swimming that the closer you are, the faster you’re going to go.

“We have two more weeks in the season, and we’re going to get back to work.”

For Bay City Western, Allison Kalinowski finished second in the 100 breaststroke in 1:12.27 for the Warriors’ top performance.

Midland High’s top individual performance was a fourth-place finish by Delaney Randall in the 100 butterfly (1:03.64).

“The girls swam very well both on Thursday to qualify and Saturday,” Midland coach Buffy Hall said. “We had 42 best times on Thursday.

“They had a good season. They performed at their very best at this final meet. We’re only graduating six out of 38 swimmers and divers. We’re looking forward to next year.”

Other top-16 finishers

200 medley relay: 3. Bay City Western (Lauren McFarland, Emily Kayden, Kalinowski, Hannah Lytle) 2:00.75; 6. Midland (Carlie Servinski, Randall, Serena Fleming-Dittenber, Sandy Martin) 2:06.10

200 freestyle: 4. Grace Lance, Western, 2:01.17; 5. Mackenzie Thackery, Dow, 2:02.95; 6. Veronica Matthews, Dow, 2:06.42; 7. Sarah Brandstadt, Dow, 2:07.80; 8. Maddy Hilderbrand, Western, 2:09.66; 9. Samantha Ludwick, Dow, 2:08.97; 10. Carlie Servinski, Midland, 2:11.53; 11. McFarland, Western, 2:11.75; 13. Brook Schultz, Dow, 2:14.01; 16. Julia Powers, Midland, 2:20.35

200 IM: Simanskey, Dow, 2:23.04; 7. White, Dow, 2:23.98; 8. Audrey Xu, Dow, 2:28.30; 9. Mackayla Pirie, Dow, 2:27.02; 11. Maggie Duly, Dow, 2:28.36; 15. Kalinowski, Western, 2:34.59; 16. Kayden, Western, 2:36.67

50 freestyle: 6. Morgan Weiss, Western, 25.37; 7. Lytle, Western, 25.40; 8. Schultheis, Dow, 26.42; 10. Brianna Rozek, Western, 27.28; 12. Amelya Jankens, Dow, 27.56; 13. Katie Berchert, Midland, 27.61; 14. Natalie Hoefer, Midland, 27.67; 15. Emma Carlson, Dow, 27.88

Diving: 3. Abigail Harned, Western, 279.05; 8. Riley Davis, Dow, 243.20; 9. Taylor Harvey, Midland, 233.80; 12. Donia McDonald, Midland, 203.70; 13. Emerson Ish, Midland, 201.45.

100 butterfly: 3. White, Dow, 1:02.93; 6. Simanskey, Dow, 1:04.46; 7. Maggie Duly, Dow, 1:05.00; 10. Kayden, Western, 1:07.98; 11. Maddie Dollard, Midland, 1:09.53; 12. Annabelle Park, Dow, 1:10.10; 14. Abby Haag, Midland, 1:13.04; 15. B. Rozek, Western, 1:13.47; 16. Powers, Midland, 1:17.04

100 freestyle: 3. Weiss, Western, 54.92; 7. Schultheis, Dow, 57.63; 8. Berchert, Midland, 1:01.65; 10. Jankens, Dow, 1:00.40; 12. Hoefer, Midland, 1:01.08; 13. Emily Zagata, Western, 1:01.36; 14. Samantha Rozek, Western, 1:01.55; 15. Carlson, Dow, 1:01.74

500 freestyle: 3. Lance, Western, 5:31.91; 4. Thackery, Dow, 5:35.92; 5. Matthews, Dow, 5:37.18; 6. Randall, Midland, 5:45.15; 7. Maddy Hilderbrand, Western, 5:51.85; 8. Servinski, Midland, 5:56.32; 9. Pirie, Dow, 5:43.87; 12. Megan Trebilcock, Dow, 6:00.51; 16. Haag, Midland, 6:23.79

200 freestyle relay: 4. Midland (Martin, Dollard, Hoefer, Berchert) 1:52.00

100 backstroke: 3. Lytle, Western, 1:03.58; 6. McFarland, Western, 1:06.75; 8. Samantha Ludwick, Dow, 1:08.68; 9. Schultz, Dow, 1:09.07; 14. Maddie Allen, Midland, 1:12.89; 15. Martin, Midland, 1:13.24

100 breaststroke: 3. Huffman, Dow, 1:12.51; 4. Ally Jaster, Dow, 1:13.74; 5. Brandstadt, Dow, 1:13.81; 6. Xu, Dow, 1:15.17; 7. Zagata, Western, 1:16.77; 8. Sophia Berry, Midland, 1:19.64; 10. Abby Chapman, Midland, 1:17.98; 12. Fleming-Dittenber, Midland, 1:18.99; 14. Park, Dow, 1:20.42; 15. S. Rozek, Western, 1:21.85; 16. Misa Halphen, Midland, 1:21.96

400 freestyle relay: 3. Western (Lytle, Lance, Hildebrand, Weiss) 3:52.14; 5. Midland (Randall, Hoefer, Dollard, Berchert), 4:03.24.